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Pioneer DJM-500 4-Channel Pro DJ Mixer

Condition: Used - Excellent
Pioneer DJM-500 4-Channel Pro DJ Mixer
Our Price: $ 309.99



Chassis: some light scuff marks and scratches with minor paint loss can be seen on the top, front, back, and sides, but most noticeably on the bottom surface

Buttons, Pots, and Sliders/Faders: all function flawlessly, however the cap is missing from the Monitor EQ control, but it can still be adjusted via the post

Jacks and Connectors: all the connectors are intact and function flawlessly

LED Lights: all the LED lights work properly

Includes: DJ mixer (manual and power cord not included)

The fully professional Pioneer DJM-500 Pro DJ mixer lets you explore a new world of sound by linking effects to the beat with Auto BPM counter. This exclusive Pioneer feature automatically measures the BPM of virtually any kind of dance music, enabling you to check tempo at a glance. You can link the beat to certain effects (delay, echo, auto pan, and flanger) with very hip results. The DJM-500 mixer also includes a pitch shifter (corrects pitch within +/- one octave and alters voices when used with the mic), and several reverbs. A send/return lets you easily connect samplers and peripherals to your Pioneer mixer. An effect on/off button automatically links an effect to the rhythm. Other features include 3-band EQ and peak meter for each channel. A Fader Start Play function overrides the Pause control to start the music when the fader is increased. It also works during Cross Fading. A Fader Back Cue Play can be used when connected to the CDJ series CD player. It allows you to return to a cue point by using the fader or cross fader. If you move either back and forth quickly, it creates an effect similar to scratching vinyl. Inputs include 1 mic, 2 CD, 2 line, and 3 phono. Controls on the Pioneer DJM-500 DJ Mixer include a booth monitor level, independent monitor selection, a monitor EQ that adjusts bass tone to set your beat in the mid or high range, and trim controls for each channel. The party starts here!


  • 4-channel DJ mixer
  • CD Line In and Phono inputs
  • Auto bpm beat counter
  • Pitch shifter
  • Several reverbs
  • Send/return
  • Effect on/off
  • Three-band EQ for each channel
  • Fader Start Play and Back Cue Play
  • Dimensions: 12.6" x 14.07" x 4.21"
  • Weight: 13.01 lbs.
  • Made in Japan


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