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Music Lessons

The best music instructors teach at Metro Sound & Music

With Virginia Commonwealth University just down the street we are able to provide some of the best music instruction available. Our staff of teachers covers everything from guitar and bass, vocal training, stringed and woodwind instruments, accordion and more! We strive to hire local professionals who have years of experience performing with symphonies, local ensembles and acclaimed bands in the area.

For guitar and bass we guarantee results in just 5 weeks!

That’s right, in just 5 weeks, if you do what the instructors asks, and practice at least 30 minutes a day, it is our promise to you that you will be playing and learning your instrument in just 5 weeks! Certain restrictions do apply, but if you follow what we teach and practice what we preach, we guarantee your success! We have some of the most inspiring instructors in the business on staff. Our proven lesson methods are geared upon positive results and learning new things. We will even customize a learning program around your special needs from jazz to blues, Latin to swing.   

When it’s time to hit the stage we’re ready when you are!

Our student showcases are held at local venues in town. This is when we want our students to shine! Many of our teachers have years of stage and performance experience and they will be supporting you the whole way!  Once you feel like you want to make take your music to the next step, let us assist you in getting more from what you have learned with our store recital, in-store jam sessions and “open mics” around town. 

We teach it all!

From stringed instruments to woodwinds, to vocal lessons, we have you covered. For more information or to schedule a lesson please contact us or call us at (804)643-7125

Lessons:   $26/30 min. – one lesson a week (pre-payment for 4 lessons up front)


Ken Kellner (Head Instructor)

  • Instruments: bass (all levels), guitar (beginning the intermediate), and trumpet (beginning)
  • Bio: Ken Kellner is a Virginia licensed K-12 music teacher, professional musician, and dedicated educator with over 15 years of teaching experience. He specializes in beginner and intermediate guitar and bass guitar, as well as beginning trumpet.  Ken studied at the Jazz Department at The University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Florida Atlantic University, and San Francisco State University. Ken's styles focus on the fundamentals of Blues, Rock, Soul, Country, Funk, and Jazz. He currently plays bass in various Richmond ensembles that play both publicly and for private events.

Kris Krull

  • Instruments: Drums (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Bio:

Clay Trinkle

  • Instruments: Saxophone (All Levels), Flute (All Levels), Clarinet (Beginner), Mandolin (Beginner)
  • Bio: Originally from Roanoke, Virginia, Clay graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Music/Jazz Studies and has played in multiple rock, funk, and jazz bands from across the state. His main instrument is saxophone, but also doubles on flute, clarinet, and a little bit of mandolin.

Macon Mann

  • Instruments: Piano (Beginner Level)
  • Bio:
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