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On-Stage Gear KSP 20 Black Keyboard Sustain Pedal

Condition: Used - Excellent
On-Stage Gear KSP 20 Black Keyboard Sustain Pedal
Our Price: $ 11.99


MSRP: $24.99

Chassis: the bottom and sides show some scratches and scuff marks; the rubber feet are completely intact; the footswitch has a few small scuff marks on the front edge

Polarity Switch: functions flawlessly

Jacks and Connectors: the cable and 1/4" jack are completely intact and function properly

Includes: keyboard sustain pedal

The On-Stage Stands KSP 20 keyboard sustain pedal fits in your keyboard gig bag, works like a champ, and promises to provide years and years of reliable performance. What else would you expect from On-Stage Stands, a company devoted to making gear you can load up, toss around, jump on, and generally abuse. Molded-in tread on the top and a great set of rubber feet keep your KSP 20 sustain pedal from sliding around, and a polarity switch ensures you can use it with pretty much any keyboard on earth. Even if you've already got a keyboard pedal you like, they're so little that you can comfortably keep a backup On-Stage Stands KSP 20 pedal in your gig bag. Don't miss it!


  • Heavy-duty keyboard sustain pedal provides you with years of performance and exceptional feel
  • Molded-in top tread and rubber feet ensure the stability and durability you need
  • Lightweight, low-profile design makes this pedal extremely portable
  • Polarity reverse switch provides compatibility with most Yamaha, Casio, Korg, Roland, and other keyboards with 1/4" pedal input jacks
  • 6'-long cable allows you to comfortably position your pedal wherever you prefer

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